REPUBLICAN LIBERTY CAUCUS ENDORSES STRAHAN FOR TEXAS HOUSE AUSTIN, TX – Great candidates are already coming forward to run for the Texas House this year, and the Republican Liberty Caucus is proud to endorse Keith Strahan for House District 18.  Keith
The Texas Interfaith Project for Public Policy (Texas Impact) has two issues of religious liberty on its action agenda. Both are scheduled to go before the legislature in the next few days. SB 531: American Law for American Courts This
You can make a difference in Texas today.  HB507 is stuck in the Calendars Committee and needs a little help to get dislodged.  The Calendars Committee is full of representatives who we think are influencable.  They just need a little
We’ve got an important opportunity to support a bill which would make a real difference in Texas. SB1862 is by  Sen. Konni Burton.  It is a bill which would prohibit public entities from using taxpayer money to lobby the legislature,