The liberty movement is a great place to be. The RLC is a great place to be for most constitutionally principled people. However, if we are to take an honest look at ourselves we have areas we could improve, every group and party could. How we address those things and how we view them can make all the difference in most situations. First and foremost, individual liberty comes with the realization that we all have varying opinions on a wide range of subjects. At times it beco
Keith Strahan
REPUBLICAN LIBERTY CAUCUS ENDORSES STRAHAN FOR TEXAS HOUSE AUSTIN, TX – Great candidates are already coming forward to run for the Texas House this year, and the Republican Liberty Caucus is proud to endorse Keith Strahan for House District 18.  Keith
The Texas Interfaith Project for Public Policy (Texas Impact) has two issues of religious liberty on its action agenda. Both are scheduled to go before the legislature in the next few days. SB 531: American Law for American Courts This